Thursday, July 9, 2009

Find a cure-panel- Alzheimer's disease

Activities directors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, perhaps you would be interested in Find a cure panel for Alzheimer's disease

Becoming an FACP member

How do I become an FACP member?
FACP has an invitation only membership base. You must be invited to join FACP by one of the FACP university or non-profit affiliates.

Is there a fee for joining FACP?

How much do I donate to my FACP Affiliate by completing a Survey?
The range of donations for completed surveys vary according to targeting, length of study, etc. but will be identified in the e-mail invitation.

How old do you have to be an FACP member?
You have to be at least 13 years old. If you are under 16, you will need parental permission to be an FACP Member.

If you are under 13 can you still participate in FACP?
Yes, we have many studies designed for kids but you will need to have parental involvement and participation.

Do you have to be a US citizen to become an FACP member?
No. The FACP Affiliate will invite you to become an FACP member. Virtually, all of our affiliates have international supporters and we often have surveys requiring international respondents.

Which email address should I use to receive the e-mail invitations?
You should use the e-mail address which is most convenient for you. But please inform FACP if you change e-mails or change the e-mail yourself by accessing My Profile.

Does FACP have a referral program?
No. You must be invited to be an FACP member by an FACP Affiliate school or non-profit organization.

How do I stop becoming an FACP member and stop receiving survey invitations?
You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link that you will receive with all survey invitations. You can also click on the Opt Out icon after you login.

Taking surveys for FACP

How does FACP send me a survey?
You will receive an e-mail invitation for each survey that you qualify for.

How many surveys will I receive?
You will be invited to take no more surveys than indicated in your initial enrollment or membership profile sign up.

Can I take more surveys than the number indicated in my initial enrollment or membership profile?
No. The FACP philosophy is that if each person contributes a little portion of their time then the FACP affiliates will benefit significantly by their aggregated contribution. Moreover, FACP’ market research clients want a richer representation of respondents that can be best achieved only by occasional survey participation.

How long will it take to answer each survey?
Survey length varies from 2 minutes to 20 minutes and occasionally longer. We will estimate the length of completion at the beginning of each survey. Longer surveys are often accompanied by higher contribution rates that will reward your Team for your additional time commitment.

If I fail to complete a survey will my FACP Affiliate receive a contribution?
No. Only completed surveys will receive a donation to your Team.

Can I back up and change my answers?
Generally not. To preserve the optimal research results, survey design generally precludes you from revising previous answers.

How much do I contribute more about Find a cure panel

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