Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aesop's fable- Crow and the pitcher

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The Crow and The Pitcher

Once upon a time there was crow flying around and he was so weak from thirst that he was half dead with thirst. Finally flying became too hard for him and he had to land. He landed near a narrow necked pitcher.  Right away, the crow stuck his head into the pitcher to get a drink thinking that the pitcher would be full of water he was very sad to find that there were just a few drops way at the bottom of the pitcher.

What was the poor thirsty crow to do?
He shoved his head all around the neck of the pitcher, but no matter what he did he couldn’t reach the water at the bottom. Giving up on that idea the crow began looking around for a solution to his problem. He spied a bunch of pebbles nearby and got a super great idea. He gathered the pebbles and one by one, dropped them into the pitcher. He dropped so many pebbles into the pitcher that he lost count. Finally there were enough pebbles in the pitcher that the water rose up the neck of the pitcher far enough for the thirsty crow to drink.
That is the story of the Crow and the Pitcher.  The moral of the story is that a little bit at time can get a big job done. Don’t give up, keep working to reach your goal.  OR, “Every journey starts with one step.”

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