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Celebrate Hot Tea Month

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I know I am a little early but hot tea month will be here before you know it. Learn about the different types of tea here courtesy of....


All tea is produced from a plant called Camellia sinensis. The thousands of different varieties of teas available in the world only vary by the region it was grown, the time of year picked, and the processing method.

Premium teas come from all over the world and many of our Chinese and Japanese teas fit into one of these main categories of tea: white, green, oolong, and black tea. We also carry herbal infusions or tisanes, sometimes called herbal tea, which do not actually contain the Camellia sinensis plant.

Each type of tea has its own characteristics including a different taste, differing health benefits, and even different levels of caffeine.

You can also learn about different tea types by reading the following tea descriptions or about the health benefits of tea and browsing our full selection of loose leaf teas.

White Teas

White tea is the purest and least processed of all teas. This loose leaf tea has very little caffeine and brews a light color and flavor. White teas also contain the highest antioxidant properties (helps to detoxify and fight cancer), help lower your cholesterol level, and are the best for skin and complexion.

Green Teas

Green tea is the most popular type of tea, mainly because it is the beverage of choice in Asia. Often our loose green tea is scented with flowers or mixed with fruits to create scented or flavored teas. This tea has only 5-10% the caffeine in coffee per cup. Some health benefits of green tea are the high level of cancer-fighting antioxidants, helps lower blood pressure, fights gingivitis and cavities, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Oolong Teas

Oolong tea, also known as wu long tea, is full-bodied with a flavorful fragrance and sweet aroma. It is semi-fermented, which gives it approximately 15% of the caffeine in one cup of coffee. Most people commonly recognize oolong tea as the Chinese tea served in Chinese restaurants. Oolong teas make great weight loss teas by boosting your metabolism rate and aiding in digestion by breaking down oils and fats. .

Black Teas

Black tea is the tea most people know since you likely grew up dipping tea bags of black tea in your cup (or enjoyed this tea from an iced tea pitcher in the South). Black tea is fully fermented, so it has approximately 20% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Black tea health benefits include helping prevent the absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream, which reduces the risk of heart disease. It is also good for preventing gingivitis, tooth decay, and it helps regulate blood sugar level and blood pressure.
Herbal Teas

Herbal tea does not contain any leaves from the Camellia family, so it is sometimes referred to as a tisane. Herbal teas can be broken into three categories: rooibos teas, mate teas, and herbal infusions. Herbal infusions consist of pure herbs, flowers, and fruits. The health benefits of herbal tea varies from tea to tea, but they are all caffeine-free and typically rich in vitamin C. Herbal teas are delicious hot or iced.
Rooibos Teas

Rooibos tea, or red tea, is made from a South African red bush. This premium tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein and has higher antioxidants than green tea. Naturally caffeine free, Rooibos teas are excellent in aiding with digestion, helping to relieve allergies, and promote healthy skin, teeth and bones. Rooibos teas are delicious hot or iced.

Mate Teas

Mate tea is considered the coffee lover's favorite tea. Made from the leaves and twigs of the yerba mate plant, mate teas give the same energy as coffee without the jitters. They also curb the appetite and contain 21 vitamins and minerals. Our MateVana is a particular favorite of coffee drinkers because it tastes like coffee.

Also called artisan or flowering teas, these teas actually 'bloom' as they steep. They are hand tied by tea artists and often include some type of flavor or scent along with the beautiful design. These romantic teas make a great gift for your significant other!.

Tea Blends

Tea blends often have the best of both worlds since they combine more than one type of premium tea. Mixing teas in a blend is one of the best ways to get great flavor along with great health benefits. For example,Detox Tea Blend contains our Silver Needle White Tea, Gyokuro Green Tea, Monkey Picked Oolong along with Peppermint Herbal tea for a super body cleansing tea.
Types of tea s

* White Tea
* Green Tea
* Oolong Tea
* Black Tea
* Herbal Tea
* Rooibos Tea
* Mate Tea
* Health Benefits of Tea

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