Thursday, March 10, 2016

Simple Fitness for Senior Citizens

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by Pamela Veselinovic

More of the simple guide to help a beginner activity director or volunteer to introduce fitness routines to a nursing home.

Facial Exercises:
Open and close your mouth five times. Repeat.
Open and close your eyes five times. Repeat.
Make a huge smile, or a giant frown. Look angry or happy.
Lift eyebrows as high as possible, and then relax. Repeat ten times.

Neck Exercise:
Lean your head to the right, then lean it back to the left. Repeat five times.
Nod your head up and down for fifteen seconds.
Shake your head back and forth for fifteen seconds.

Shoulder Exercises:
Shrug both shoulders up and down at a comfortable speed. Alternate shoulder shrugs. Do these five times each.
Interlock fingers in front of chest. Raise hands high, and then bring down behind the head. Repeat five times.
Clap hands! Do this twenty times.
Clap hands over your head. Do this ten times.

Wrist Exercises:
Holding fingers out, rotate your wrists in a circular pattern. Do this ten times. Reverse the direction and repeat ten times.
Holding fingers straight, move your hand up, and then back down. Repeat five times.
Do the last exercise, using both hands together.

Finger Exercises:
Make a fist, and then relax fingers. Repeat twenty times.
Move your fingers like a spider. Continue for one full minute.
Spread fingers open as wide as they will go. Repeat twenty times.
Rub hands together quickly for thirty seconds.
Starting with a loose fist, release one finger at a time. Reverse the process by returning fingers to loose fist.

Stomach Exercise:
Sit up straight as possible and suck in your stomach. Hold for two seconds. Repeat five times.

Waist Exercise:
Turn sideways in your chair and look at your neighbor on the right. Now, reverse and look at the person on your left. Do this five times each side.

Rear End Exercise:
Squeeze your buttocks, and then relax. Do this five times.

Lower Back Exercise:

Sitting with feet flat on the floor, lean over and try to touch your toes. Feel the stretch? Repeat five times.

Leg Exercises:
Walk in place, while seated. Move each foot up and down in a walking motion. Do these thirty seconds.
March in place, while seated. The same as walking, but a little bit faster. Do these thirty seconds.
Lift one leg up from floor, and straighten. Repeat with other leg. Repeat five times.

Foot and Ankle Exercises:
Ex Extend leg and foot, and rotate ankle in a circular motion five times. Repeat with other leg.
Point your toes and flex your feet, rotating each foot in a circle. Do this ten times each foot.
Toe Exercises:
Spread toes as wide as possible, and then relax. Repeat five times.
Wriggle toes for thirty seconds.


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