Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Motivate A Nursing Home Resident

Kathleen Milazzo

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Motivating A Nursing Home Resident

Step 1 Introduce yourself as a staff member or volunteer and ask if they mind you visiting with them awhile.

Step 2 Strike up a conversation and don't be afraid to ask them what brought them to live in the home. As they begin to talk about their situations you will start learning more about their pasts and what things they might be interested in. You can mention for instance if they used to go to play bingo, that bingo games are held in the home and ask if they would be interested in going. Offer to come and pick them up and escort them to the game.

Step 3 When residents say they don't want to join in activities ask if they would at least come out of the room for awhile and watch the game. Assure them you will come and get them and bring them back to their rooms afterward.

Step 4 If they don't want to go at all ask if they would mind daily visits from you. During these visits you can offer to bring some activity they like for just the two of you to participate in. You can also gently drop hints while your visiting about joining in the group activities.

Step 5 If they refuse even visits saying they want to be left alone, insist that you have to come even if it's just to pop your head in and say hello. Once in awhile a resident will tell you that they are just too sick or in too much pain to be bothered. If that's the case, respect their wishes and offer to leave something of interest in their room in case they change their mind. Use gentle prodding and don't give up. Talk to the nursing department about enlisting their help in motivating the resident, and let them know how the resident is feeling.

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