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Stuffed Animal Costumes

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Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animal Halloween Costumes
As Halloween approaches, the need to find a creative Halloween costume is felt more and more vividly. So why not combine your love of stuffed animals with your desire for a fabulous Halloween costume? Check out our list of creative stuffed animal Halloween costumes for adults or kids.
  • Noah's Ark Halloween Costume
All you need for this funny Halloween costume are a bunch of your favorite stuffed animals, an old laundry basket, and some paint and cardboard. To make the base for this stuffed animal Halloween costume, cut a hole in the bottom of the laundry basket big enough for you to fit through. Cut out and paint pieces of cardboard to be attached to the laundry basket to make it look like a boat or Ark. You could even paint, "Noah's Ark" on the side of the boat. Then, it's as simple as putting all the stuffed animals in the laundry basket (thus surrounding you as you wear the laundry basket/boat). If you have sets of two stuffed animals, that's all the better!
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears Halloween Costume
A fun Halloween costume for a girl is to dress up as Goldilocks and carry around three teddy bear stuffed animals (preferably of different sizes to emulate Mama teddy bear, Papa teddy bear, and Baby teddy bear). Then the girl puts her hair in pig tails, dons a blue little girl dress, and perhaps paints on freckles or red rosy cheeks.
  • Mother or Father and Stuffed Animal Babies Halloween Costume
You could also construct a Halloween costume to be any animal you like, and then carry around stuffed animal "babies." This can be a particularly cute stuffed animal with a parent duck and duckling stuffed animals, or a cat or dog with kitten or puppy stuffed animals.
  • The Cat's Out of the Bag Halloween Costume
If you're looking for a funny stuffed animal Halloween costume, how about being the cat let out of the bag! What you need is some kind of bag to wear, anything from a plastic garbage bag to a laundry bag. Just cut a hole in the bottom of the bag so that you can put your legs through. The top of the bag should be around your neck. You could attach it to your clothes with a safety pin. Then attach a cat or multiple cat stuffed animals to the outside of the bag with string. And thus the stuffed animal cats are out of the bag!

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