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Halloween activities for everyone!

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The Dementia Caregiver's Little Book of Hope [Kindle Edition]

by Kathleen Milazzo, Chicago Recreation Examiner

Halloween is a wonderful excuse for a party and whether you are hosting one at a nursing home or having it at your own house, there are Halloween activities that everyone can participate in.

One of the most traditional Halloween activities is apple bobbing, however I even have trouble with that activity. The very young, the elderly, and the handicapped have even more difficulty and usually don't involve themselves in that game. For some it can feel as though they are being left out, but not to worry, we can fix that!

First, you need to know if you don't already that Alzheimer patients do not like water. Secondly, it's important with older individuals that you preserve their dignity, so you've got to present the activities to them carefully, especially when it's something that the young usually do. You may want to remind them that at their age they've earned the right to kick back and have some fun. You can also tell them that bobbing for apples in water is a kids game but that you've got a version that's a little more dignified for adults. Tell them they'll have fun and what do they care what anyone thinks. Finally start off by reminiscing and discussing with them how they celebrated at Halloween parties when they were young. Get them to laugh and remember if they can.

To further get them in the mood, costumes are in order. You only need to get some funny masks and/or hats. They can feel more a part of the party at little effort and cost.

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