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What is aromatherapy

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Annie's Aromatherapy

What are Essential oils?
Volatile plant oils extracted by steam distillation from flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and bark. Highly concentrated, fragrant oil, rich in chemical compounds of the mother plant. Volatile means the oils will evaporate and become airborne upon contact with air or heat.

Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils Hippocrates understood the antibacterial properties of aromatic plants and urged the people of Athens to burn them during an outbreak of plague. Volatile plant oils are extracted by steam distillation from flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and bark. These highly concentrated, fragrant oils are rich in chemical compounds of the mother plant. Essential oils, resins and hydrosols make it easy to incorporate the healing properties of herbs, and plants into your life.

Bath and Body
Essential oils can smooth away wrinkles, and soften damaged skin and they work on a healing level that synthetic compounds cannot duplicate.

Emotional Healing
One of the reasons aromatherapy works so well is that it works on both the emotional level and the physical level at the same time.

Home and Garden
Essential oils and other natural aromatherapy products can replace the chemicals we use to clean our homes, control pests, and care for our pets.

Aromatherapy is a serious option for those interested in holistic healing. All Essential oils are natural born infection fighters

Aromatherapy literally means "the use of smell to effect a cure", and was first coined by French chemist Dr. Rene M. Gattefosse in 1928. Aromatherapy makes use of the essential oils produced by herbs, trees, grasses to heal, energize and stimulate our bodies own self-healing powers. It is unfortunate that aromatherapy has been co-opted and trivialized to sell scented consumer products, often with inferior, chemical scents that have their origins in a lab, not in nature. Therapeutic use of essential oils for health and well being is a serious option for both healing, with the oils used in healing touch and massage therapies. Essential oils can also be used to clean and disinfect the air we breathe, while lifting and calming our spirits.

Acne * Aphrodisiac * Arthritis * Asthma * Bath And Body * Bronchitis * Bruises * Burns * Calming * Cellulite * Colds * Congestion *Constipation * Cough * Cramps * Cuts * Deodorant * Digestion * Disinfectant/antiseptic * Emotional Healing * Energizing * Facial * Feet * Fibromyalgia * Focus * Fresheners * Green_clean * Grounding * Hair * Headache * Herpes * Home And Garden * Insect_repellent *Lice * Medicinal * Menopause * Muscle Pain * Nervous Tension * Neuralgia * Personal Care * Pet * PMS * Rashes * Shingles * Skin *Sleep * Sprains * Stress * Teeth * Uplifting * Warming/Relaxing * Wrinkles *

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