Saturday, March 16, 2019

How to Apply a Person Centred Approach to Dementia Care

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A symposium in April helped change the thinking about nursing homes. The theme of the discussion, called "Creating Home in the Nursing Home," was person-centered care and living surroundings.

With this theme in mind, accomplish person-centered care in a nursing home by creating a homelike atmosphere.and centering residents' care on their interests, talents and preferences. Understand the individuality of each resident with dementia. An atmosphere that works for one person may not work for someone else. Preferences and needs may change from day to day. Awareness of the whole person challenges the caregiver. Bringing a smile to the faces of people who have dementia rewards those who care for them.


Step 1 Get a family history of the resident's past interests, jobs, siblings, children and hobbies by talking to family members, friends and the resident.

Step 2 Communicate with the resident in a way that he can best understand, using verbal reminders, gestures, written messages, or whatever it takes. He may have trouble finding words. Fill in the blanks for him. At the same time, compliment him.

Step 3 Observe the resident in his new environment. See what time he gets up naturally. Detect his current likes and dislikes. Determine what his behaviors are and what sets off problem behaviors.

Step 4 Nip agitated behavior in the bud. Divert and redirect. Do something to stop the unwanted behavior, then redirect him to another activity.

Step 5 Set his new room up with favorite items from his former home. Provide him with necessities like a television, clock, easy reading material or other things that delight him and improve his quality of life.

Step 6 Discover tips for environmental modifications that make life easier for the resident and the caregiver.

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