Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How to Create a Care Plan for a Dementia Patient

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A care plan for a patient with dementia, no matter where he is living, ensures the highest quality of life for him despite this diagnosis. Since each person with dementia displays different behaviors, has specific interests and different strengths, the care plan is person centered. His dementia progresses over time. Because of this, it is more difficult to assess the dementia patient's needs and preferences as time goes on. Learn all you can while the dementia person is able to communicate. The outcome of the care plan makes the dementia patient's life as happy and satisfying as possible.

Difficulty: ModerateInstructions

Step 1Get an accurate history about the patient with dementia. This includes current medications, strengths, weaknesses, current and past interests, former jobs, and a thorough family history.

Step 2Observe the dementia patient. Make note of how she reacts to her environment, especially triggers for unwanted behavior.

Step 3Meet with all team leaders who are responsible for every aspect of the dementia patient's care. The teams include nursing, social work, therapy, activities, family members and the dementia patient, unless the meeting will upset him.

Step 4Together write a care plan that includes the best ways to care for this person. Include specific goals for each team and ways to accomplish these goals. Assign team members to each goal. Make sure to get everyone's input.

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