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Sandwich game

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If you were a sandwich, what kind would you be? Find out! Take this fun personality test to see which kind of sandwich you are. See with the sandwich test.
This is one of the quizzes that has absolutely no meaning. Once 
 Under 18 Years Old

  18 to 24 Years Old

  25 to 30 Years Old

  31 to 40 Years Old

  41 to 50 Years Old

  51 to 60 Years Old

  Over 60 Years Old

2. What is your gender?


3. What kind of bread do you like for your sandwich?



  A roll of any kind



4. What goes best with a sandwich?
  Corn chips




  Potato chips


5. How do you cut your sandwich?
  You don't cut it, you eat it whole

  You cut it in half and cut off the crusts

  Into four little sandwiches

  You don't cut it, it's on a roll or bun

  In half, straight up and down

  In half, on the diagonal

6. Which of these sandwiches are you likely to choose?
  Cuban pork loin sandwich

  Sloppy joe

  BLT sandwich

  Pesto chicken with avocado and focaccia

  Ice cream sandwich

  Breakfast sandwich

7. The word that best describes your lunch is:
  Comforting - it's the time you eat your favorite foods

  Inventive - you don't like to eat the same thing twice in a week

  Impressive - you eat as much as you do at dinner

  Ordinary - you're likely to eat the same thing every day

  Fun - you're up for anything

  Relaxing - it's your break during the day

8. What do you drink with your sandwich?




  Chocolate milk


9. What sort of dessert are you likely to have?
  Apple pie - sweet and decadent

  Peach cobbler - downhome goodness

  Banana split - mixin' it all!

  Tiramisu - sophisticated

  Chocolate chip cookies - childish

  Cheesecake - classic

10. Where is your sandwich served?
  Fast food joint - quick and easy

  Deli - with a variety of fine foods

  Bar - gotta love the company and the game

  Upscale restaurant - expect to leave a nice tip

  Home - simple and delicious

  Leftovers - you take what's given to you

11. What sort of extras go on top of your sandwich?
  Chips - you like the crunch

  Mayo - pure mayo, not the fake stuff

  Tomato - you've matured to this

  Lettuce - necessary for the color scheme

  Chocolate - everyone's dream come true

  Ketchup - thick and flavorful

12. Besides sandwiches, which of these foods sounds most appetizing to you?


  Chicken wings




13. It's Friday night, and you're at a party. You are probably:
  Calm, just talking to friends and having a good time

  Irresistible, the one everyone flocks to

  Full of alcohol, loud and flamboyant

  Understated and reserved, but worth getting to know

  A ball of energy, bouncing around from person to person

  Sweetness and light, trying to make everyone smile

 What Kind of Sandwich Are You?
Club Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Each answer is rated 1-6
The first answer being one point. The last answer on each question is worth six points.The answers in between are worth 2-5 depending on the order they are in the answer section

Add up all your points
Ham 13-26 points
club   27-40
turkey 41-54
PB&J  55-68
grilled cheese more than 68
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