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Mind Building Games for Seniors

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Memory is one of the most difficult problems associated with aging. Seniors are more susceptible to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and related dementias. One way to lower your risk of developing one of these mind-robbing diseases is to engage in mind-building games that force you to solve problems in a fun way. Find challenging games (like the ones listed below) that keep the brain active.

Computer Games

Technology allows us to use our brain in more ways than ever before. We can advance skill levels, save our results and refer back to them to follow our progress. Below are two computer games that are mind-building for seniors.

Posit Science -- Brain Fitness Program 2.0: This program ($395) has shown improvement in the memory of those who used it in the prescribed way.

MindFit: This game provides an Individualized system of mind-building games.
According to a March 2009 study at the International Alzheimer's conference in Salzburg, Austria, this game provides short-term memory improvement of 18 percent among participants age 50 and over. The price of this game ranges from $129 to $149.

Online Games

Just the act of surfing the Internet is good for seniors looking to keep their minds active. According to an article in the October 19, 2009 issue of Science Daily, "First-time Internet users find an increase in brain building after just one week."
A good online resource is Brain Games, which is a program created by Prevention Magazine (see References). The site includes links to a variety of mind-building games for seniors.

Board and Card Games

Board and card games that use strategy are also a great tool to help build the mind. Not only do the all of Mind Building Games for Seniors

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