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How to celebrate Columbus Day with those who have dementia

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In early October we celebrate Columbus Day. Most people with dementia remember learning about Columbus in school. You can design a trivia game using simple facts. First you can tell the story of Columbus sailing to
America to your audience of one or more.

Then you can have a discussion about Columbus Day.

After the discussion, you can make up your own trivia game using facts in the story as well as any information the group member(s) want to include.

Here are some sample trivia questions:

The person who discovered
America was______________(Columbus)
The year Columbus discovered
America was___________(1492)
The ship that starts with the letter N that was in the Columbus fleet was the ________________(Nina)
Design as many questions as you can think of.
A little while later, see how many questions the person with dementia can answer.

Then you can sing some patriotic songs.

Finally you can discuss what most Americans do on Columbus Day.

Hopefully you have the day off and can have a nice relaxing day with your friend with dementia.

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