Friday, August 28, 2009

Activities for elderly in residential care. we have tried bingo dancing crafts gardening

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Well I work in a nursing home and I am a Activity Assitant. And yes I love my job.

Here is what we do. We make a calander every month And for every day we put like two to three activities, I am sure that what we do is kind of different, and where you are you might not have the finances. But anyways we have activities where we have people come in and sing, we do manicures and messages, Fruit bingo, prize bingo, (we do prize bingo every Wednesday, and Fruit bingo every Saturday.) On Sundays we do coffee and donuts in the afternoon and two Sundays of the month we have church services. We go on four outings a month (one once a week,) we have a shopping trip everymonth, then we go to like restaruants, or this past month we went to the Zoo, and next month we are going to a baseball game, once a year we also go to a hockey game. We also do a lot of activities involving food (that seems to attract most of our residents) we have popsicle parties, ice cream socials. We also do two activities room to room, a book/magazine cart, and a snack cart and we usually do those two times a month each. You could try a writing club, and ask them questions that they can write about, example: what was your favorite child hood memory, what is one thing your parents use to say to you, ect. but make sure you discuss it with them. I hope this has helped and if you would like some more ideas I have plenty, feel free to email me anytime,

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