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How to Host a Poetry Reading at a Nursing Home

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By Ariana Cherry-Shearer

Residents at nursing homes enjoy visits and entertainment. Many of them may not have any family or have visitors for long periods of time. When you can share almost anything with these residents, it can have more of a larger impact than you can imagine. If you are an avid poetry writer and even have some friends who are writers, think about visiting your local nursing home or healthcare center to read them some inspiring words.

Contact the activity director at your local healthcare center or nursing home and speak with them about your intentions of hosting a reading at their facility. Set up a day and a time to visit the residents.

Step 2 Gather some of your poems once you have permission from the activity director. Choose shorter and more lively poems to hold the resident's attention for at least a half an hour. You can choose inspirational, humorous, or even some about romance. It might be best to clear away from sad poems, as you are here to brighten the residents day.

Step 3Talk to any of your friends or family members who also write or may just enjoy reading poetry. They could read poems by other well known poets as well. A lot of the residents really enjoy being read to.

Step 4 Introduce yourself to the residents once you make your appearance for the poetry reading. Tell them who you are, where you are from, and just a few things about yourself. Greet everybody with a warm smile, and just relax. They aren't there to judge you. They are just happy to see you.

Step 5 Keep the reading timed to about a half an hour. Most residents can only hold attention for so long. Also they have other activities and meals as well. End your reading with a bright happy poem, and offer to hand out copies of the poems you have.

Step 6 Speak with all of.....Host a Poetry Reading at a Nursing Home

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