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Try Sharing Poetry with the Elderly at Nursing Homes…

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A poetry club that I formed in my area does readings at our local nursing home. I began doing some of these readings on my own before the club, and found it very rewarding. In all actuality, many people really do enjoy being read to. If you are looking for an appreciative and attentive audience-try speaking with with the activity director at your local nursing home.

Our club probably reads at the home every couple of months. If I get busy, or the home wants us back, the director usually ends up calling me. When you are planning on doing readings, some people may not even think as a home as a venue-but this is a rewarding activity that I do within my daily life.

Gather up a few of your writing friends or just go on your own. Find some of your poems and browse through them. Find seasonal or holiday poetry, humorous poetry, inspirational poetry, or even a few that have friendly humor about getting old. Shy away from poetry that seems dark, sad, or speaks of death. The goal for a poetry reading at a nursing home is to cheer the residents up. And don’t forget to have copies of your poems. You will be surprised at how many residents want copies. Some read over them again later or have staff read them.

If you are interested in sharing poetry at a nursing home in your area, ask to speak to the activity director and set up a meeting. Share some of your poetry with them, and let them know you are interested in entertaining their residents. -Also– if you haven’t already guessed-this is strictly volunteer. My club is non-profit-so we never ask for money when we do poetry readings. The most we ask during a public reading is donations for the area food pantry.

So if you want to brighten someone’s day, share your poetry, or reach out to the community, spread the art of poetry. It really can change someone’s life.

Even those with dementia respond to poetry

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