Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bingo and dementia (part 2)

Activities directors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals,here is some great information
Here is a great dementia resource for caregivers and healthcare professinals,

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Many long term care residents including those with mild to moderate dementia enjoy bingo. Soon it will be National Bingo Month with that in mind, Here is some.....

Bingo Trivia
Everyone likes to know some little trivia bits about their favorite game. How many possible bingo cards are there really? Where else is bingo played? Do bingo players have pets? The answer to these and many more questions you probably never asked yourself can be found below.
Bingo is p layed by all ages around the world, about 30% of bingo players are under the age of 35.
Approximately 2.5 million of those regular players are female.
An estimated 96% of all bingo players have won some money while playing bingo.
When asked, women report that they are happier playing bingo. About 15% of those women report that bingo is used for socializing and companionship.
Which brings us to this fact: winning is ranked fifth when it comes to reasons for playing bingo. The number one reason… “pure enjoyment”.
4 years after it’s appearance in 1930 the estimated bingo games in churches and recreation centers numbered 10,000.
Reportedly the largest bingo game was held in New York which had approximately 60,000 players. Lowe is to have reported that they had to turn away 10,000 others at the door.
It is reported that after working for Lowe to produce some 6,000 individual bingo cards, University of Columbia mathematics professor Carl Leffler went insane.
The first charity bingo game was held at a church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
Bingo is the number one fundraising game in the world.
During the depression a form of bingo was played in movie theaters. It was called “Screeno”.
Reportedly Cats are the number one pet of bingo players.
Bingo was Bing Crosby’s nickname as a child.
In Australia bingo was known as Housie when introduced in the early 20th century.
There are approximately 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000 different bingo card combinations.
Purple is the apparent favorite color for bingo players. This is according to a survey of bingo suppliers.
You can find a bingo game in approximately 90% of the countries in the world.
In 1995 and estimated 88 million dollars was spent on bingo games. That’s 88 million dollars per week.
Like Keno, Slots and blackjackbingo has sucessfully made the transition to being played online by millions of players world wide.
Despite what some people might think, bingo is good for you. Bingo improves concentration, memory and observation skills.

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