Sunday, November 4, 2018

Veteran's Day-A perfect time to honor veterans(part 2)

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Activities directors, other healthcare professionals and caregivers,
having a program to honor veterans both alive and deceased at a long term care facility or at your home, seems like the right thing to do this Veteran's Day.

Everyone feels good being honored and honoring those who served in the service no matter what capacity, during war the war.

I always have such a program.It does not cost anything in dollars, but it pays off greatly in raising the mood of everyone.

First I allow each veteran to speak about his/her time in the service. As they age, they may forget some of the details. I try to have a veteran from the community speak as well, to try to fill in the gaps.

Then we sing some patriotic songs

I then allow each person in the audience speak about loved ones and friends who were in the service. I ask them what they were doing
to keep the home fires burning

I give each person a certificate honoring him or her.

Everyone feels so good when we are done.


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