Tuesday, November 6, 2018

World kindness day

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World Kindness Day - Kindness is universally appreciated so why not show some on 13 November 

Mark Twain summarised kindness when he said it is "the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see".
World Kindness Day has been recognized in many countries throughout the world for a number of years.   Driven by The World Kindness Movement, the day involves people around the world showing that we can think about more than ourselves and make the world a better place because of it.
In June 2010 Louise Burfitt-Dons and David Jamilly, both members of the World Kindness Movement and humanitarians, launched a Kindness Day UK.  Their aim is to highlight good deeds done across the country.
Everyone's idea of kindness is different.  Helping an elderly person cross the road, giving someone a compliment, volunteering at a local children's charity, or distributing baked goodies in your workplace - it all counts.
You’ll also notice a wide range of people quoted on kindness on the official homepage.  From comedian Jo Brand to Kay Boycott at Shelter they only reinforce the significant role of kindness in a person’s life no matter who they are.
I thought I'd need to hop on a plane and go do some humanitarian work in an African orphanage or something equally as significant.   But it turns out I can make the world better by being kind to the people around me. Its so simple yet so true.
So, whether you hold your tongue and don't voice mean thoughts or do something proactive to be kind to others, you can play your part in the day. 
For half a minute on 13th November, you are asked to contemplate kindness and selfless acts that have had a lasting impact on you.  Nothing huge, or shouting it from the rooftops – it's a gesture as gentle as the notion itself.
Remember what Wordsworth said; "the best bits of a man's life are the simple, random acts of kindness and love". 
It really doesn't take much to show someone somewhere an act of kindness - so what will you do on 13 November?

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