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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dementia activities in nursing homes help keep dementia at bay

Furthur dementia decline is lessened in physically, mentally, and socially, active residents.

Activities directors are so important to the care of those living in nursing homes. We are responsible for ensuring that our residents keep active in many ways.

Now there is another reason to feel good about all we do.

In an article at Psych Central.com entitled Multiple Benefits of Socializing for Older Women it is reported in a study that keeping older women socially active staves off dementia.

Because of this, one could certainly say by keeping our residents socially active, we help them to lessen their chances of getting dementia. If they already are showing symptioms of these diseases, then we help to slow down their mental decline

Another article entitled Top Ten Nursing Home Niceties may be of interest to you.

There was a letter to the editor of USA Today praising nursing homes, that you may want to read.

Thank you Activities Directors everywhere.

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