Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Mid Fall Activity Brain Boosters for Those with Dementia

More Ways to Keep the Mind of People with Alzheimer's Disease, Related Dementias, Long Term Care Residents, and Others, Active This Fall
By alzheimersideas, published Sep 24, 2008

As with the early fall activities and discussion topics, the ones for mid fall also stimulate the mind of those with Alzheimer's disease, related dementias and other long term care residentsKeeping these people engaged in activities and conversation help to slow their loss of function. Having them keep a positive attitude also is a must.

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my blog said...

my grandma got this disease

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puzzles said...


I would like to add some activities for Brain exercise for those with Dementia.

I researched and interviewed many activity directors prior to developing Memory Activities for those with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

The top priorities were activities to help caregivers and families stimulate conversations with their loved ones and age appropriate, storytelling themes.

I found the wonderful real life illustrations by Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post were keys to opening conversations, smiles and the residents wanted to work with the puzzles and memory card games. It is amazing to watch their faces light up.

"Your puzzles do indeed show some promise, due to the fact that they engage persons with their emotional and recognition memory, but then rely upon "here and now" problem-solving skills." by Mitchell Slutzky, Ph.D., Clinical Geropsychologist, NY

If you are a caregiver or family member looking for a way to interact with your loved one, Memory Jogging Puzzles and Memory Cards were developed for success not failure and specifically for your loved ones.

All themes by the famous Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post and everyone love them.

My website:

I just added a new Memory Card game "gossips" which has amusing real life characters from the 1948 Post cover illustrated by Norman Rockwell.

This game is great for anyone who wants to increase their memory skills. Seniors up to early stages of dementia. Played like concentration or Solitaire.


my blog said...

well my uncle is suffering for this disease.

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puzzles said...

I am sorry to hear your uncle is suffering from this disease, my mother had it also, like millions of others out there in this world.

I guess you and I can hope we don't suffer from it someday also.

You have an opportunity to try and be helpful to your uncle if and when you do visit.

Be a listener when he talks with you, you may not know who or what he is referring to, but you can listen and go along with the flow.

Try not to interrupt him when he can't find the words. I remember mother having difficulties sometimes completing a sentence and unfortunately sometimes we would try to help her find the words. This upset her and she would become more frustrated.

I wish my mother was here at this time, to benefit from all the new learnings about dementia.

She loved to play cards and work puzzles and she inspired my work from above.