Monday, January 12, 2009

Best ways to adapt a late stage dementia activity

Alzheimer's Activities Expert

Here is some useful information for Activities Directors, other healthcare professionals and caregivers.

By engaging those with late stage Alzheimer’s disease or other late stage dementias, is a bit more challenging. However it is critical.

One thing you must remember reactions to an activity are subtle. You might see a smile on someone’s face. He/she might try to hold your hand or try to verbalize.
Please watch closely for responses.
By far the best type of activities focus on the senses. Try to use those senses that seem to get the most positive response.
“What are the senses?”, you ask
The sense of sight- Unfortunately, many with late stage dementia or Alzheimer’s have poor vision. Thus you have to be their eyes
Now another portion of this strategy

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