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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Harms honored during Long Term Care Administrator's week

Activities directrs, other healthcare professionals, and caregivers, is it not nice when an administrator of a long term care facility with dementia residents, can make their world better.
Fort Scott Tribune
Nevada, Mo. -- David Harms, Administrator for the Barone Alzheimer's Care Center, has been involved in the health care field since 1989 and in the long-term care field since 1997.
He was born in Columbus, Ga, where his father was stationed in the U.S. Army. He doesn't hesitate to claim Vernon County as his home, though. "My family moved to Nevada, Mo., in 1969."..........
His attitude toward senior residents is his best asset. "I believe that providing quality care to our nation's senior citizens and disabled is one of the most important services we provide as a society," Harms explained.

His "always available" policy isn't such an easy task when the scope of his administrative duties is explored.

A single day might include a business meeting at Barone's parent facility, Nevada Regional Medical Center; several calls to various entities to facilitate functional needs of the building itself; staff meetings to coordinate services to the residents; or giving a luncheon speech to help educate the community to the ever-growing Alzheimer's population's needs.

Unlike some long-term care facility administrators who have offices far removed from the people they serve, Harms is very...................read the rest of the article

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