Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Board Games for Senior Citizens: Interview with Susan Berg

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Activities directors, other healthcare professionals and caregivers,here is an interview you might be interested in
What are some simple board games that the elderly might enjoy?
The elderly might enjoy Checkers, Sorry, Parcheesi. The State Capital Game looks like something they may enjoy Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, and trivia games. There are probably more.

Why is it important that the elderly play board games?
It is important for the elderly to play board games because these games keep their minds active and they foster socialization with their piers, friends, and family.

Are there any games that should probably be avoided?
Each person is different. If a game is too frustrating for an individual, it should be avoided. I like to work with people's strengths and interests. For example, if a person is visually impaired, you would not want to play a game where he would have to read small print or use small pieces unless, of course, you can give him the assistance he needs. You want him to enjoy and feel good about himself while playing the game.

How can family members and friends help older people with the frustration of playing a new game?
Give them plenty of instruction.
Break the directions down into small simple steps.
Have them be your partner when you play the game.
Play the game in short segments at first.
Try to compensate for any deficits they may have.
[edit]Do you have any other tips and advice you'd like to add?
I like the....read the whole interview

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