Friday, June 5, 2009

Turning inspiring words into exciting decor with removable lettering

Activities directors, other healthcare professionals and caregivers, here is an article that may interest you.

The Canadian Press

As a writer, I know that words can inspire, comfort and heal and I've always loved having important quotes and words as part of my decor.

Up until now, I have been using wooden lettering that I'd painted and displayed around the home. While I love the effect, it is cumbersome and limited to the lettering available.

A Canadian company called Walltalk opens up a whole new arena.

The Walltalk products are graphic precut, pre-spaced, removable lettering on a roll that you simply transfer to your walls, windows, mirrors, accessories and even your vehicle.

This easy decorating application is quick and inexpensive and can change the look of your decor.

Gone are the days of stencilling your favourite sayings onto the walls, which was time-consuming and limited to what size and font of stencils were available.

The Walltalk Company Inc. is located in a farmhouse in Grand Valley, Ont., a farming community north of Toronto.

This company, owned by Ronda Pegnam, has grown from a kitchen-table operation to a booming business that provides product to more than 1,100 retailers in North America.

The farmhouse sat ready to be rented on the property adjacent to Pegnam's country home that she shares with her partner, Tom.

Once her business grew too big to be run from her home, she decided to move it next door to the farmhouse. It needed some TLC, so she and her friends and staff spent a weekend painting and sprucing up the space and Pegnam says that it's funky and more conducive to creativity.

Walltalk has many product lines that include Baby Talk, Lipstick (for girlfriends), Graphically Speaking, Blessings, Signature Series and even a French line of products.

They are always working on new ideas for additional product lines so their product remains fresh and relevant.

What great gifts for a friend in need rather than just an inspirational card. It would be a lovely sentiment that would comfort and inspire the recipient for years to come.

I can see these given as gifts to someone battling breast cancer or to someone in a hospice or nursing home the whole article

You and your loved one or clients with dementia can design something similar to this on your own

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