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50 Excellent Blogs to Learn About the Upcoming Healthcare Crisis

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by Linda

Are you concerned about health care reform? Many people believe that if this topic is not tackled, the U.S. is headed toward a severe health care crisis. Some people believe that this country already is embroiled in a health care crisis that may be too large to address.

The following fifty blogs focus on issues such as health care insurance topics, Medicaid and Medicare, long-term care (LTC), the reform debate and more. These blogs are written by doctors, medical personnel, anonymous bloggers who want to protect an identity, unions, and pro- and anti-health care reform advocates. The blogs are listed in alphabetical order within each category, as this method shows our readers that we do not favor one position or blog over another. If you know about any other blogs that address the current or upcoming health care crisis, please feel free to leave a link in the comments after the article

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care, or LTC, provides a variety of services to meet needs of people with chronic illnesses or disabilities, no matter the individual’s age. Current issues include lack of funds, which raises some demand for incentives for individuals who can save for future long-term care needs. Also, suggestions to expand Medicare to include long-term care have been considered.

Advance for Long-Term Care Management: This blog and news site provides information and strategies for nursing homes, SNFs, assisted living and senior housing facilities and personnel.

Blog LongTerm Care: A writer who faced the difficult decision of long-term care for an elderly loved one brings this blog to help others understand the difficulties involved in this process.

Complete Long Term Care: Complete Long Term Care .com is run and maintained by LTC Global, which owns and operates a national group of Long Term Care agencies. Their blog addresses LTC issues.

Elder Law Answers Blog: Harry S. Margolis practices elder law with Margolis & Bloom based in Boston, with additional offices in Framingham, Woburn and Dedham. He edits

The ElderLawReport and is the founder and President of this blog site.
Cancer Action Network Health Care Reform Blog: This blog is in this category as it is maintained by the Cancer Action Network, an organization concerned with all issues surrounding chronic disease and long-term care.
Info Long-Term Care: Laurie Blanchard, B.A., MLS, provides a current awareness service for health care practitioners in long-term and geriatric care.

Long Term Care Review: Duane Lipham, a Certified Long Term Care consultant, provides a blog that updates readers on news and opinion about long-term care treatment.
Long Term Living: The LTL Blog is open to all readers interested in creating constructive discussions focusing on the long-term care industry.

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News and Assisted Living: This is a business news magazine that serves the intitutional long-term care community. The news, articles and blog entries are geared toward addressing assisted living managers to help them improve operations based upon regulatory and business changes in the marketplace.

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