Sunday, March 27, 2011

How Chaplains Help Nursing Home Residents

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Nursing homes should have a chaplain who is knowledgeable in counseling for the elderly population. Quite a few folks that live in these places suffer from grief, frustrations, and pain. Nursing home chaplains can help people needing help in these areas. The chaplain can establish a dialog between the local churches and the residents at a nursing home.

A variety of religious practices can be enhanced with the help of a chaplain.

First the chaplain can meet with the resident's one on one to visit, counsel and comfort each resident in immediate need.

The chaplain can facilitate monthly religious services for all denominations of residents living there. Most elderly folks feel that religion is extremely important. Some folks are set in their ways and want to attend the traditional services of their faith. Others believe that there is one God so attending all types is desirable to them. Many are eager to learn about faiths and religious practices other than their own.

Local churches may have volunteers who are willing to conduct services traditional in nature that last thirty or forty-five minutes.

The chaplain all of How Chaplains Help Nursing Home Residents.

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