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Reminiscing with a group of persons with dementia

Activities directors and other healthcare professionals here is a great dementia resource for caregivers and healthcare professinals.
Here is information on being the best caregiver you can be

Here is a way for nurses administrators, social workers and other health care  professionals to get an easyceu or two

Benevolant Society

Group numbers should be small. Let the following be a guide:
have dementia.
No more than 8 or 10 when working with older people who do not
moderate stages of dementia.
No more than 6 when involving older people who have early to
advanced dementia.
No more than 3 when working with older people who have
reminisce and communicate well.
An appropriate group size allows objects to be circulated rapidly to Session times may vary depending on the group. Let the following be a Up to 45 mins when working with a group of people who can
20 to 30 mins with a group who may be in moderate stage of
Small pockets of time for people with advanced dementia.
make people feel at ease.
Quiet, intimate and comfortable surroundings are important in order to
Placing seats close together helps promote an intimate atmosphere.
It is important not to use too many objects per session, as this can Select up to 6 objects that you feel are most appropriate for the group.
As facilitator it is important to do as much listening and as little talking as
The Benevolent Society, 2005,
ABN 95 084 045
It is important to ask open ended questions that require more than yes or Its is important to keep track of who has not spoken in the session. As a Don’t be concerned if the discussion leads to subjects beyond the theme Reminiscing Manual version 1,
Suggestions for group work
Some extra tips for group reminiscing are:
Use a room where the participants will feel comfortable and able to talk.
participants to hear others.
Seating in semi circle allows for easy passing of objects and for
considered as women’s work.
Men can be encouraged to discuss topics which have traditionally been
people but be careful not to offend or disregard anyone’s personal
Use the opportunity to hear different versions of an event form different
insights into each object or experience.
Use the differences within the group, such as age, to obtain greater
Introduce the topic and then gradually pass the items around.
remember while others will speak up quickly and often.
Allow plenty of time for discussion. Some people may need time to
accommodate spontaneity.
The groups need some structure however allow sufficient flexibility to

Reminiscing with Groups

When holding a group reminiscence keep the following in mind:

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