Friday, May 4, 2012

How to honor people

Activities directors, health care professionals and other organization leaders, here is some information you will find useful.

It is that time of year. It is time to honor the many workers at your company that have gone above and beyond what is expected of them.

Last month included National Volunteer Week. This month includes National Nurses Week which starts on May 6th. The following week is National Nursing Home Week. It starts on Mother’s Day which is May 13th. Also we cannot forget our veterans. Memorial Day is at the end of May.

All these occasions lend themselves to honoring, staff, residents and clients alike. Are you at a loss of how to honor these people? One excellent way is to get trophies for them. It is hard to pick a gift that most people will appreciate... However a trophy is the perfect way to remind people that you think they are special and worthy of recognition. Employee awards that are elegant trophies are sure to dazzle not only the recipient, but also others who see the award.

Crystal awards are especially elegant especially if you get them personalized with engraving which many companies offer for free. So remember all those worthy of recognition this May.  

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