Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Become an enrolled agent for the IRS

Activity director, health care and other professionals, have you considered a career or a part time job to supplement your income?

You can become a tax preparer, or an enrolled agent. In order to become an enrolled agent you must take an exam with multiple portions. To learn all this information on your own can be a difficult task. Why not use the enrolled agent exam preparation. It is well worth the money. After you pass the exam, you will need to maintain your certification. In order to maintain this certification with the IRS, you must take continuing education courses.

There are enrolled agent continuing education requirements that you must meet so consider entering into this professional area carefully. The IRS requires that you have a minimum of 16 continuing professional education hours a year or 72 hours every three years.

When fulfilling these requirements for the enrolled agent continuing education, you want to be able to have flexibility and financially affordable options especially if you want to take a significant number of courses.

Of course each course must meet certain standards. Thus you as an enrolled agent want to learn new information in an easy to understand format. You want to be able to see what information will be covered before you have to pay for it and you want to see how you are progressing in your quest to fulfill all the requirements.

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