Thursday, March 27, 2014

Apple tree- story about patience

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Archie loved apples. He thought they were sweet.
He thought apples were always a wonderful treat.
He ate apples each day when he went out to play,
but the part in the middle, he just threw away.
Then one day as he ate an apple to the core,
he caught sight of a seed, wondering what it was for.
If he planted a seed, it just might grow a tree.
Archie thought, "what a wonderful thing that would be."
So he planted the seed in a hole, core and all.
He had faith it would grow, even though it was small.
With a shovel he covered the core with a mound,
taking care of the seed that was under the ground.
He brought water each day in a watering can.He did his very best to make good on his plan.
Every day, he returned with the hope he would see
a small sign of new growth from the seed to a tree.
But the sign did not come and as time drifted by
Archie started to doubt whether he should still try.
There was no hint of green, not the tiniest leaf.
Was an apple tree really worth all of the grief?
He was ready to quit if it just would not grow.
For so long he had watered that seed down below.
Archie went to his father to ask what to do,and his dad told him something that he never knew.
He said, "sometimes things don't go the way that we plan.
Sometimes people give up when they don't think they can.
But to those who keep trying, when no one else will,
there are dreams to achieve and great hopes to fulfill."
The words struck Archie's mind and he knew they were true.
He would try to be patient and keep trying too.
Archie came every day without fail to the seed.
He brought water and tended its every need.
Then one day like the sun breaking out from a storm
a green leaf sprouted up from the ground in true form.
Reaching into the sky as if saying hello
the new tree met the one who allowed it to grow.
Archie saw the small leaf, and a tear filled his eye.
He was so full of cheer that he started to cry.
It was patience that brought this new life from the ground.
It gave Archie more joy than he ever had found.
He had not given up when the outlook was grim.
He helped that little seed that depended on him.
And the tree brought him apples, in time, that were sweet.
It brought even more apples than Archie could eat.
It grew strong, broad, and beautiful; ever so tall
from the patience and hope for a seed once so small.



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