Friday, May 22, 2015

Fishing Game for those with dementia

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For fish, you can either draw simple fish shapes on construction paper, or you can go all out and print off beautiful clip art fish. Another idea is to go to the dollar store. They at times have good fish shapes you can use. If you attach a paper clip or two to the fish, the participant can then catch the fish with their magnetic fishing rod. Your pond can be a good size box that you can hold near the participant. If using the magnetic fishing pole is too difficult, then have them use a good magnet(which you can also get at the dollar store) or just have the person grab a fish.

What's great about this game is how versatile it is. You can have group members catch fish of different colors. You can put letters or numbers on the fish. If you want to practice matching you could have two fish of the same color or shape or with the same number.

Make sure no one tries to eat the paper clips.

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