Monday, October 17, 2016

Bingo Plus (Bingo Lottery)

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People who join together in an activity have a common bond that unites them, resulting in better communication, closer friendships, and increased self-confidence." (Hastings, Complete Handbook of Activities and Recreational Programs for Nursing Homes, 1981).

Bingo, despite what many say, is a great game! Hundreds and thousands of people play bingo each day around the country. But sometimes its over utilized in the nursing home setting. Program coordinators must provide residents opportunities for activities "Beyond Bingo." But, since bingo is so popular, I listed some alternative ways to run your bingo games just to make it interesting. Send in your favorite bingo alternatives.


Bingo Lottery
submitted by Alice Greene of Grace Ridge Retirement Community

Size of Group: any size

Equipment: Bingo cards and a print sheets of all of the bingo numbers

Objective: to enhance communication, to enhance eye-hand coordination, to initiate communication, to make a decision, to make friends,

Description: At the beginning of the month explain to all residents that will be playing how to play Bingo Lottery. The bingo lottery game is a cover ALL.

Each day two numbers are posted on the activity board at lunch time and dinner time. It will take about the whole month to play

Each day the residents mark their cards and whoever completes a cover all first wins the game. The prize is lunch out anywhere with the Activity Staff. This game has been so fun that the residents enjoys coming out of their rooms just to check the numbers. It gives them something to look forward to each day.

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