Sunday, June 11, 2017

More forgiveness stories

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Have residents or a loved one fill in the blanks

According to the old_______, when it comes to forgiveness, we should all forgive 

and ________. Many can attest to the fact that this is usually easier said than

 _______. While smaller grievances may be easily _________, serious 

transgressions are another story entirely. Many people ________ to forgive a 

serious wrong done to them and many times feel that the _______ does not 

deserve forgiveness. Those are natural human emotions, 

Another story
Once there were ______ who were great friends and always ______ together. However, one day they had a huge argument about one of their _______. In the end, they decided that from then on they would only be allowed to ________with their own_______.

That was, until one morning they went out and found that their two mountains of stuff had been totally mixed up together. Someone had been there, mixing their things up! After all that time and effort they had spent to separate everything!
Furious, the brothers tried to find who had done it. Soon they found a pair of________ walking on the other side of the mountains of stuff. They were happily walking together, picking everything up, careless of whether they were mixing it all together. They looked really happy, enjoying themselves to the max.
Seeing the people so happy, the two grumpy old brothers realized how foolish they had been for so many years. They had given up doing anything  fun, instead spending their whole lives arguing over what was theirs. How sad they felt, for spending their lives in anger. At the same time, though, they were happy to have finally realized their foolishness.
They spent that day, and the rest of their days, being together, mixing everything up, and sharing it all. People even stopped calling them the grumpy old men. Now people called them_________'

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