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Residents Rights Month 2017

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National Consumer Voice

Residents' Rights Month 2017

October 01, 2017 - October 31, 2017        
October is “Residents’ Rights Month,” an annual event designated by Consumer Voice to honor residents living in all long-term care facilities. It is an opportunity to focus on and celebrate awareness of dignity, respect and the rights of each resident. The federal Nursing Home Reform Law guarantees residents’ rights and places a strong emphasis on individual dignity, choice, and self-determination.  The law also requires nursing homes to “promote and protect the rights of each resident”. Residents’ Rights Month is a time to raise awareness of these rights and celebrate residents.
Each year, residents are invited to participate in the Resident's Voice Challenge, as a part of Residents' Rights Month.
See this year's entries.
The theme for this year's Residents' Rights Month, "It's All About Me: My Life, My Care, My Choices," focuses on the respect and dignity of every resident.  The theme highlights residents’ rights to choose their own schedule and activities, communicate how and with whom they choose, be free from abuse and unsafe environments, and be treated as an individual with unique wants and needs.  Residents’ Rights Month is a time for staff, families, ombudsmen, residents and other advocates to focus on resident-directed care and emphasizing the self-determination, choice, and quality of life of each resident.

Packet of Materials

Each year, the Consumer Voice develops a packet to help you plan your Residents’ Rights events. The packet is completely downloadable and features ready-to-use items, including promotional materials, activities to celebrate Residents' Rights Month, training tools and resources. Check back as more Residents' Rights Month packet materials become available.

Resident's Voice Challenge

For this year’s Resident’s Voice Challenge, long-term care consumers were encouraged to pick up their pens, dust off their type writers or use a computer to display their writing or artistic skills by submitting essays, poems, artwork, drawings, or videos related to the theme for Residents' Rights Month 2017 "It’s All About Me: My Life, My Care, My Choices". See this year's entries.
Residents were encouraged to answer one of the following questions:
1.)What are the kinds of choices you should be able to make?
2.)What factors contribute to the quality of life in your facility or at home?
3.)What do you think it will take to bring about good quality care in nursing homes and other facilities?
Find more information on submission criteria here.
Spread the word about this year's Resident's Voice Challenge with this flyer.
Any questions about the Resident’s Voice should be directed to

Residents' Rights Month Products

This year, we have two great products for sale in celebration of Residents' Rights Month!
Promote the theme with Residents' Rights Month buttons.  These buttons make perfect gifts or giveaways for residents, volunteers, family or other advocates!  Buttons are available as a:

Promote residents' rights year-round with the new Residents' Rights posters.  
This easy-to-read poster provides important information for all staff, volunteers, residents and advocates.  Posters are printed on sturdy, glossy paper.  Choose the horizontal or vertical layout and 11"x17" or 18"x24" sizes depending on your needs.  Display these posters in facilities, resident rooms, or offices of advocates as a reminder of the important rights to which all residents are entitled.  Residents' Rights Posters are currently available for pre-sale and will be shipped beginning August 1st.
Purchase a 11"x17" or 18"x24" poster today!
Remember: Consumer Voice members receive 10% off all items in the online store. Join or renew your membership here.  Email for the discount code.

Residents' Rights Month Activities

Residents' Rights Month is a time to offer residents an opportunity to participate in engaging activities.  Use the activities below to involve residents and staff members in sharing with the community.
Activities for Residents with staff and ombudsmen:
Activities for Staff and Ombudsmen:

News and Events

Have something planned for Residents' Rights Month? Let us know! Email details for your events and activities to

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