Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia friendly gardens and water

Those with dementia like the outdoors. Planting easy to grow plants that do not need a lot of care are best.

A safe place outside is best. However you can have an indoor garden or some potted plants like herbs. Herbs are edible and easy to grow. They can be harvested often and used in some recipes.

You may want to have some spare plants in case the ones the dementia person grows do not do too well.

Post a response if you would like more specifics

The sound of water trickling somewhere nearby is so peaceful to listen to. However, Alzheimer’s and gardens don’t always mix well. If you are planning a water element for your garden, you should avoid ponds and waterfalls. Large fountains can also be a problem. A small fountain attached to a wall at the Alzheimer’s patient’s eye level is a better, safer option. That way, you both can enjoy the water’s soothing sound without having to worry about water safety.

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