Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another great dementia activity

Alzheimer's Activities Expert

We are going to digress for this activity using large colorful pictures of babies doing different things.

This is another ideal activity to be done with the flash cards, “Adorable Photographs of Our Baby”

Before the actual beginning of the game, it is probably best to discuss all the different things babies do. There are fourteen baby photograph cards, so gear your discussion towards what is on the photographs. Here is a list of what the babies are doing:

Twp babies kissing
The baby is playing with bright colorful toys in his crib.
The baby is eating. The baby is sweeping.
The baby is cooking
The baby is taking a bath.
The baby is drying off
The baby is being rubbed with body lotion
The baby is resting on a dog
The baby is going for a walk
The baby is singing. 2 pictures.......read the whole post

To see some of the baby pictures, click here
or click here

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