Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anoother mind stimulating activity for thse with dementia

Activities directors, other healthcare professionals and caregivers here is a mind stimulating, fun activity brought to you by an
Alzheimer's Activities Expert
read her blogs about limericks.

Here are some more suggestions

There once was a pauper named Meg
Who accidentally broke her _______.
She slipped on the ______.
Not once, but ______
Take no pity on her, I __________.

The artist who's working in wood
Must be certain her handtools are ____
For if those knives be ____
It's certain she'll ____
Over blood spilled for her ______.

Describe a librarian's day?
Peaceful and quiet, you___
There is one thing it ____
Back there in the stacks____
And that thing is more decent ____.

The secret of love is the power
To weather the sweet and the _____
Your joy will not _____
With love as your ______
Through sunshine and through _______.

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