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Dementia Arm Chair Travel

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An Activity for Those with All Levels of Dementia and Others Who Have Enjoyed Traveling

The name of the activity is "Arm Chair Travel". It can be used with a wide variety of people with all stages of dementia including advanced dementia and those living in nursing homes. However you must make sure to modify, "Arm Chair Travel", to meet the needs and interests of the person or persons you are doing this activity with.

Many people with dementia have done their share of traveling. They may have dreamed of traveling even if they never had the opportunity to travel. More than likely, they packed a suitcase at sometime in their life.

The reason this activity is good for those with advanced dementia is because you can put many items that appeal to a person's senses into the suitcase for the activity. Appealing to one or more of a patient, with advanced dementia, senses can make them more alert if they are tired, or bring calm to them if they have a tendency to become restless. By holding things they like can do this. A portion of this activity allows those engaging in it, to hold items appealing to their senses. The items can be anything you put in the suitcase as you will discover later in this article.

This activity allows those participating, a chance to think about places they have been and, of course, have a good time.

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