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How to Get a Person with Dementia to Eat

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There are many reasons why persons with dementia do not eat. Some of these reasons are, loss of vision, depression, being alone, swallowing difficulty, pain, being tired and digestion problems. Because of these difficulties, food may be no longer be appealing, or it may not taste good to them. Involving person with dementia in activities may spark their interest in
Have the person with dementia help you plan a meal from beginning to end. Determine what is going to be served. Get out some cookbooks and look up favorite recipes. Talk about the "good old days". Discuss their favorite recipes. Talk about special tricks in preparing certain foods. Help him make invitations for a special meal. Let him prepare a simple dish with as much assistance as needed. Let him taste the foods you are preparing. If he is unable to actively participate, let him observe the preparation, but still let him smell and taste the food you are preparing.
Making food that takes all day long to prepare in a slow cooker, fills the room with delightful smells that often increase a person's appetite. You can prepare a stew. The advantage to doing this besides creating the outstanding aroma, is that it is cost effective, and the food is soft and easier to eat.
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