Monday, October 10, 2011

Another way to trigger happy memories in those with dementia

Activities directors and other healthcare professionals here is a great dementia resource for caregivers and healthcare professinals.

Here is information on being the best caregiver you can be

Here is a way for nurses administrators, social workers and other health care  professionals to get an easyceu or two

hand care

What you need:

Hand scrub (you can make your own with a tablespoon each of melted butter and sugar), warm water, washcloth, towel, lotion

What to know:

  • Paying attention to the hands is pampering that can inspire both alertness and pleasure.
  • Men and women alike respond to this activity. Touch is a wonderful way to make your loved one feel loved and secure.
  • Start by placing a warm washcloth over the hands. This feels good and relaxes in a nonthreatening way.
  • Next, apply the scrub to gently exfoliate the hands.
  • Rinse and dry with a towel. Apply lotion (scented, if you think your loved one won't mind or has a favorite).
  • Alternative: If your loved one has interest and the patience for it, you can finish the activity with a basic manicure (filing or cutting and buffing nails) and/or nail polish.

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