Monday, April 9, 2012

Use your activity skills to earn extra income

Activities directors and other health care professionals, here is some information you will find valuable.

Working in the activity field is rewarding, but the pay is not high. With the cost of living rising, you may need to supplement your income. There is a great place to do this. It is like a community that brings together socializing and meeting new people who could potentially become your colleagues or even your employer.

You can post a resume in a stress free setting. There potential employers can view it.

Let’s say you have a project that needs a short term employee or freelancer. You can post requests for this as well. As I am sure you are well aware that your main employer at a nursing home or other long term care setting is not anxious for you to hire permanent employees. You may need some work done that can be done by a third party online. This is a great place to find that person.

Maybe you want to collaborate on a project. You can find the right people for that as well.

So to review, you can post a resume; meet other potential colleagues, potential employers or people to collaborate with.

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