Wednesday, July 12, 2017

An activity for long term care residents."If I Were a Milkshake"

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The Dementia Caregiver's Little Book of Hope [Kindle Edition]

Here is a story you can use as acretive activity by having residents make up a story about chocolate milkshakes especially for chocolate milkshake day.

They can fill in the underlined words with different words if they so choose. Even those with dementia will find this story and activity fun.

If I Were a Chocolate Milkshake

If I were a chocolate milkshake most people would like me because I am smooth, creamy and sweet. People like me especially in the summer because I am cold.

I am made with some favorite ingredients of many people. These ingredients are milk, ice cream and chocolate sauce. Some extra things you can add to this delightful drink are whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Most people put the ingredients in a blender to ensure the creaminess of the me. I am usually served in a tall glass especially for made for milkshakes.

Children especially like me. But many adults like me too. I am glad I can make so many people happy.

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