Sunday, July 16, 2017

Non-verbal communication

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Communicate — Without Talking?

In this activity participants will learn the value of verbal communication and the value of working together. In groups of four, members will have to assemble a puzzle without communicating verbally. After this activity, you will lead a discussion to help them understand the importance of communication and cooperation.

1. Before starting, select a variety of large pictures that show people working together in various environments. Examples are: scenes involving a construction site, restaurant scene, athletic event, and an accident scene. You need one picture for every four participants in the group. Cut each picture into at least four pieces (one per group member) so that the picture becomes like a puzzle. Depending on the level of the group, you could have more or fewer pieces of a single picture and can also vary the size of the individual puzzle pieces.

Ask the following questions:
• What does communication mean?
• Do you think you can communicate well with other people?
• How do you know that you communicate well?
• What are some of the ways in which you communicate with people?
Now divide the group into teams of four each.

Now ask
• What would you call your group of four people? (Team)
• What does the word “team” mean?
• What is the role or responsibility of each person on a team?
• What happens when someone does not do his or her part for a team?

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