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Keeping Nursing Home Residents Safe during Outdoor Activities

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Now that summer has begun in the northern part
of the United States, our thoughts turn to outdoor
activities for the residents. This is a good
time to review some ways to keep the residents
healthy and happy while enjoying some fun in
the sun.
Last year was one of the hottest summers on
record. Having to stay indoors to keep cool was
difficult for the residents with heart conditions
or respiratory problems. Even residents
without these problems were advised to stay
indoors and out of the baking heat and oppressive
humidity. This can be hard when summer is
usually filled with outdoor activities and outings
to the residents' favorite places.
Now is the time to plan outdoor games, picnics,
barbecues, trips to see the residents’ favorite
baseball teams play and other out trips, walks
around the grounds of the facility, sitting outside
talking to visitors or the staff, etc. Now
that the residents are able to spend more time
outdoors, the activity staff needs to build in
some precautions when planning outdoor activities.
Exposure to the sun, insect bites, heat exhaustion,
storage and preparation of food, and
dehydration can put the residents and facility
at risk.
Before planning outings, work with the director
of nursing to develop a protocol for the differ- all of Keeping Nursing Home Residents
Safe during Outdoor Activities by subscribing to

Keeping residents safe while on the go.(LIABILITY landscape): An article from: Nursing Homes

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