Friday, June 15, 2018

More Activities for People with Alzheimer's

Activities directors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals,here is some great information

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Table Ball
submitted by Natasha Pokorny of Nesconset Nursing Center

Size: 10-20

Equipment: Tables that line up together and a ball (preferably a bright color).

Objective: The objective Table Ball is: improved hand eye coordination, socialization, attention span, following of simple directions.

Description: This activity is recommended for residents with Alzheimer's. Place tables end to end (enough to fit about 10 or more people all the way around). Place the ball (we use a bright red one) in front of one of the residents and tell him/her to roll it to someone else at the table. Encourage each resident to keep the ball moving on the table. It should be natural for them. Alzheimer residents in my facility can play this game for an hour before getting tired. It definitely lessens agitation.

NOTE: not all Alzheimer residents can play this game depending on what stage of Dementia they have. Place those more capable next to someone who might have difficulty and encourage them to help each other. This increases the socialization. Call out names often to refocus.

Shopping Scavenger Hunt
submitted by Debra Ekstrom of Geriactives on June 1

Group Size: 1-20

Equipment: safe scissors, sale ads from Sunday newspapers,plastic trays

Objective: I work with participants that have Alzheimer's/dementia. The objective was to create a fun yet learning experience. Most have no idea what things cost these days.

Description: Collect sales ads from several Sunday papers. Pass ads and scissors out to everyone. Also give them a list of items to search for: example-
1. tent
2. baby diapers
3. blue dress

I typed out over 50 items to search for. I had volunteers assisting them if they needed help. If they were unable to cut out the items, a volunteer would do this. The participant would cross off the items on their list as they found them. Items found on the hunt were placed on a plastic tray. A count was taken at the end of the activity and the person with the most items was the winner. They would share their ads with others and ask if anyone had ones they needed.
The interaction was fantastic. Even my low functioning people could participate. It was a fun activity....

Note: I need to add that the higher functioning people can search for the highest or lowest priced items. Also, the cut out ads can be saved for a collage as a later activity.

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