Monday, October 1, 2018

Community activity that is sure to highlight your facility

Activities directors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals,here is some great information

Here is a great dementia resource for caregivers and healthcare professionals,

Here is information on being the best caregiver you can be

Get your subscription to Activity Director Today's e magazine

Here are some easy fun, yet mind stimulating activities anyone can do with someone who has dementia.

We are having a health and wellness fair If you live in or near Danvers, Massachusetts, make sure to join us If for nothing else, come for lunch.

Here is part of the press release about it

This Wednesday, Hunt Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 90 Lindall Street, Danvers Massachusetts, is having a free Chicken Soup for the Soul Heath and Wellness Fair from 10am-3pm.

Susan Berg, author of Adorable Photographs of Our Baby-Meaningful Mind Stimulating Activities and More for the Memory Challenged, Their Loved Ones and Involved Professionals a book for those with dementia and an excellent resource for caregivers and healthcare professionals, will be discussing Alzheimer's disease, prevention,symptoms and treatment.

Also available at this health and wellness fair the whole press release

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