Thursday, October 25, 2018

Famous people born in November activity

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Creating Together Journal

Do you know when these people were born in November?

Susan Berg
Daniel Boone 
Burt Lancaster 
Roy Rogers 
Billy Graham 
Sally Field 
Katherine Hepburn 
Martin Luther 
Grace Kelly 

November 9, 1909
November 2, 1734
November 5, 1911
November 10, 1483
November 12, 1929
November 26, 1949
November 6, 1946
November 2, 1913
November 7, 1919

Answers: Daniel Boone: November 2, 1734, Burt Lancaster: November 2, 1913,  Roy Rogers: November 5, 1911, 
Billy Graham:  November 7, 1919,  Sally Field: November 6, 1946, Katherine Hepburn: November 9, 1909,  
9 Martin Luther: November 10, 1483, Grace Kelly: November 12, 1929, Susan Berg, November 26 1949.

When you do this activity, give hints such as higher or lower. Make it exciting!!

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