Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Activities for Dementia Patients

Here is an interesting post on Websphere about activities for those with dementia. Some of it is a repeat of the same old stuff, but there are a few good ideas

I believe activities are crucial to well-being. In the past ten years, research has shown that activities play a large part in preventing the progression of dementia. We also know that socializing prevents loneliness, despair and suicidal thoughts.
For several years I led recreational activities on weekends at a geri-psych hospital. The activities that took place on any particular weekend greatly depended on the patients in the unit at that time. All of the patients there had dementia and behavior disorders that precluded their being able to remain at home until the behavior had been extinguished. Most patients were on the unit between three to four weeks, while the doctors changed their drugs or the dosages. Some were more alert; others were more physically functional. Some returned home; others returned to a nursing home or entered a long-term care facility for the first time after discharge.
There are many activities that are appropriate for people with dementia. The only guideline is to not degrade them by having them do children’s activities. Instead, show your respect by engaging them in pastimes that are similar to children’s activities but suitable for an adult, retaining whatever qualities that make the activity fun. Here are some suggestions for caregivers who have a dementia patient at home....READ THE WHOLE POST

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J said...

A few months ago I was offered a new position at the care home I work in as a weekend leisure and recreational organizer, I have very little experience as a carer and none in this new position but the manager felt I had good ideas and was naturally talented.
Since starting I have mentioned some of those ideas such as gardening, life story work, clothes making even starting a news letter but I have been dismissed by the other older more experienced leisure and rec organizer, I feel this is down to the fact I am young and new. I feel the only way around this is to gain enough knowledge in activities for people with dementia to make up for my lack in experience. so I would appreciate any advice