Thursday, November 6, 2008

The benefit of reminiscing with those who have dementia

The Benevolent Society, Reminiscing Manual version 1,
ABN 95 084 045

Here is an excerpt
The benefits of reminiscing
Someone with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia may only give you a small piece of themselves – all there is, and enough, at that moment. That small piece is precious and may become a strand or thread woven into your life as well. The fragments may,like the creation of a mosaic, gradually be pieced together and something new is created

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puzzles said...


I read your Reminiscing Handbook that was full of great ideas.

I would like to introduce your readers to more Reminiscing Tools that are available and very beneficial to those who have Dementia.

I have memory jogging puzzles and memory cards with themes by Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post.

The residents that I have worked with love his images and some even recall and recognize Rockwell's art.

Memories are triggered not only by the real life illustrations but the date and the name The Saturday Evening Post, because it is from their era.

Norman Rockwell's images encourage them to use their recollection and emotional memories and then their problem solving skills to complete the task of either putting the puzzle together or when working with the cards finding the cards that match.

It is amazing observing the residents, they will gently handle the puzzles, smile and chat with the person next to them if in a group.

These Memory Activities easily trigger conversation, laughter, memories and a sense of success.